Celebrating Autumn in Spring Grove, Minnesota


Register by 9/18/14 for guaranteed t-shirt!

October 4, 2014

Race Start Time: 10:00 AM

Check In Time: 8:30 a.m. Saturday

or Friday, October 3, 5-7 p.m.

*Check-in at the Bluff CountryArtists Gallery

III West Main Street, Spring Grove, MN 55974

This color-explosion 5k fun run/walk is a fundraising event to benefit the education mission of the Bluff Country Artists Gallery!

Thanks to our Sponsors!

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Jill’s Norwegian Sweaters

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  1. Added FOR 2014: 1k distance... all ages and experience levels welcome! (In-town, Paved route)

Registration Costs:

Register by 9/18/14 for guaranteed t-shirt -- Adult $25, Youth $15

Register by 9/26/14 (no guarantee of t-shirt)-- Adult $25, Youth $15

Late Registrations/Day of Race Adult: $30 -- Day of Race Youth: $20


First Men’s finisher; First Women’s finisher;
First youth finisher; Best Team Showing

NOTES: Teams must be made up of 3 or more runners; Individual team members must register and pay as individuals; please note Team Name on your registration form.

The Leve For Farge course will be run on hilly and scenic country gravel roads
and through the streets of beautiful SpringGrove, MN located in the heart of
BluffCountry in Southeast Minnesota.

Location: one hour from Rochester, 30 minutes from
La Crosse, WI and 20 minutes from Decorah, IA.

What does ‘Leve for Farge’ mean?

Leve for Farge is the norwegian translation of ‘Live for Color.’ Spring Grove is the first Norwegian settlement in Minnesota.


1. What is the color?  It is food coloring and corn starch.  This is non-irritating to eyes or throats for most people.  It completely washes off the skin and hair.  It could possibly stain your shoes, so be aware.  Goggles or sun glasses are preferred by some. A towel to cover your car seats during the drive home is also a good idea.


2. What should I wear?  You should wear your Leve for Farge race t-shirt or something WHITE!  The goal is to be clean at the start and really colored at the end!!


3. Will I be able to wash off after the race?  There will be a couple of hand/face washing stations available, as well as some large fans to blow off extra color.  You'll want to show off the rest of your colored self as bragging material during the remainder of Uff Da Fest. 


4. Will the color wash off my skin and hair? (I am a blond Norski, ya know!)  There might be a little color left in your hair for a few washes.  If you are concerned, wear a bandana or running hat.  Your skin should wash off

just fine with a little dish soap.


5. Why do I have a color packet in my race bag?  At the end of the race there will be a 'color explosion' celebration.  We will all gather in Viking Memorial Park and throw our color in the air to end!


6. How is the color thrown during the race?  At around each kilometer mark there will be people tossing handfuls or cup-fulls of color at the runners.  All 'throwers' will be instructed to try to keep the color below the face.


7. How long is the race? Is it a hard course? Why am I wearing a race number for a 'fun' run?  The course is 5K or 3.1 miles.  Yes, it is a little challenging and there is one big hill called 'Uff Da Hill'.  We will color and entertain you for the entire course and you'll hardly even notice that you just had the fun-nest work out of the year!  We have all participants wear a race number so we can keep track of who finished and let you know about the race next year.


8. What if I just want to run and win?  Start at the front and run fast!  We cannot guarantee that you will outrun the color though!  The middle lane will be the least colorful since the throwers are located on the outside edges.


9. Can I walk?  Slowly?  Yes! This is a fitness event for all ages and skill levels.  It is mostly about having fun while being outside with other fun and colorful people!!


10. Can I bring my kids? Strollers? Dog?  Yes to kids, no to dogs (safety).  Your kids/strollers will be colored though.  You just might be the coolest parent on the planet!


11. Will there be bathrooms, water, aid stations, food?  Yes, yes, yes, and yes!!  We are working very hard to make this a very well run race.


12. How do I keep my t-shirt colored? Spray the shirt with a vinegar solution and iron it.  If you just wash it, the color will lighten over time.


13. Leve for Farge? Uff Da?  What is this place?  Spring Grove is a vibrant rural community located in the Bluff Country of Southeast Minnesota.  Many of our early settlers were Norwegian and we still celebrate this heritage today.  So, in the fall we have a festival called Uff Da Fest and fill the town with goodies and events.  The color explosion race is a new twist on the long standing Run for the Arts event that has benefited the Bluff Country Artists Gallery. Leve for Farge means Live for Color in Norwegian and is a great theme for a Artistic Community such as ours!


14. I'm in!  How do I register?  Please go to www.uffdafest.com and follow the link to register online (using credit card) or print out a form and mail it in.  But hurry, we need to know who is coming by September 22nd to guarantee a t-shirt!


15. I still have a question. Uff Da!  Well, email bcag@springgrove.coop and we'll get back to you asap!